School Admin

Online Pocket Money Manager

Accumulate your monthly pocket money at one place for easy tracking.

Instant eCash transfer from anyone, anytime.

Pull together all your allowances at one place

Quick and simple tracking of savings, spends and donations at your fingertips

Family Engagement

Your very own private network for your school and residential society

Share news, messages, photos, videos and calendar events in a single and secure platform

Keep track of projects your siblings are working on and help each other share best practices. Build and store all projects for life time!

Celebrate success stories of your kids among your kith and kin

School Admin


Organize Group / Family Events

Organize theme parties or family and group events by pulling in funds hassle
free from members

Collect, fundraise and sell within your group


Effective way for organizations to create better engagement within community via conversations, event coordination, volunteer management and more-enabling a tighter partnership

Single largest platform to connect with the next generation




For Parents and Kids

Expert advice on range of issues related to Academic difficulties, Adjustment to college life, Alcohol/drug abuse and addictions, Depression, Diversity and cultural differences, Eating and body image concerns, Family difficulties, Grief and Loss, Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual and Transgender (LGBT) concerns, Recovering from Trauma, Relationship Problems, Self-Awareness/Self-Care, Stress and Anxiety, Student Concerns

Kid's Merchandise

Seamless shopping experience for kid’s merchandise like books,
school uniforms, toys, gifts, learning resources etc. from partner websites.

Kid's Merchandise