Pocket Money manager for your kids

  • The ultimate savior for every parent who struggles to keep track of their kids’ pocket money and allowances
  • An easy to use tool that gives all parents freedom from manually managing kids’ allowances.

Nurture your kids and manage experiences

  • Help them learn to earn, save, spend and share money responsibly
  • Help them learn to earn by helping parents, family and friends managing household chores or help their friends in academics.
  • Kids deserve the best! Parents are the first teachers so spend more time bonding with your kid while Zoylu helps manage and
    share your experiences hassle free. It goes past economic value!

Financial literacy tool for your kids

  • Zoylu helps your kids in understanding how to earn, how to spend and how to donate money to help others.
  • It is never too early to learn the importance of saving money, so why not to start now?

Help your kid become money smart

  • Zoylu aims to make your kids become economically responsible at a young age.
  • Create teachable moments for your kids and build stronger bonds with them

Help your kid organizing family/group events

  • Create family groups, pool-in money from the group and organize family events hassle free.
  • Help your kid buy a surprise gift with their own money for a family member, inculcate sense of ownership and your kid take
    pride in what they do under your guidance.