ZOYLU is a practical financial literacy tool that helps parents teach their kids about money at an early age. ZOYLU helps parents and kids use the features together to help teach them the concept of earning, saving and responsible spending.
Young kids can use their pocket money to make contributions to charity, purchases for themselves online etc.
In a digital age where money is less tangible than ever, ZOYLU offers the future of financial education.

You need to sign-up or register to know more about ZOYLU. You can sign-up as Parent or as Individual. Zoylu has built features for Institutions and Child Counsellor/Therapists which can add value to all stakeholders.

Parents need to add funds to their Wallet. Parents can set-up pocket money frequency to be credited to each of their kid's wallet (piggy Bank).

Parents can set up goals and tasks (Paid and Non Paid) which when completed, kid's wallet get credited after parents approval.

How does ZOYLU work?
  • Online Pocket Money Management
  • Teach financial lessons using well thought-out tools.
  • Parent Managed household chores and paid jobs
  • Homework and Project help through your network
  • Learning through curated videos created by Kids for the kids
  • And many more...

ZOYLU provides an easy way for parents to keep track of pocket money to kids. Tools built-in to make kids accountable for what they earn and spend and let them learn the value of giving up something they want today, for something they really want tomorrow.

ZOYLU helps teaching kids about money by giving them responsibility and accountability for their savings and spending decisions. They shall understand that efficient money habits depend on being able to make some adjustments between earning, saving and responsible spending.

The basic things you need to join ZOYLU are:

Zoylu aims to bring you a seamless and flawless experience.

CHILDRED aged between 6-13 years can log-in under parent’s supervision.

PARENTS can sign-up using their Email address and/or phone number.

INSTITUTION can sign-up with their institution details.

Child Counsellors/Therapists can sign-up with their personal/professional details.

Our Customer Support team at ZOYLU is always around and happy to help.

You can contact us by emailing at contactus@zoylu.com

To add money to your ZOYLU Account, you need to follow the following steps:

  • Login to Zoylu
  • Go to Dashboard on the left
  • Click on 'Add Funds' under your wallet balance
  • Choose from payment options to add the funds to your wallet

Alternatively, you can request Admin to add funds to your account. However, you’ll be able to spend that much money only after you make equivalent payment.

Parents need to sign-up and Add their kids under 'Add Kids' option.
Parents can choose log-in details for their kids while adding kids to their account.
Parents and Kids can use same log-in to access Kid's account. Parents have to use their log-in details to access their Zoylu account.

Parents can Login to their Zoylu account

Click on 'Add Kids' on the left menu bar

Enter all the details of your child

Click Next to proceed

Parents can add maximum of three Kids under one account.

Login to your Zoylu account

Click on 'Set Goals/Activity' on the left menu bar.

Select the Kid you want to set-up goal or assign an activity.

Multiple activities/tasks can be assigned linked to one goal with separate start and completion dates.

Enter the details in Set Goals and then hit Assign Goals.

You can add all your kids in the age group of 4-14 years. You can add maximum three kids. To add more, you can send your request to admin@zoylu.com.

As a company, we take all probable steps to ensure data is safe and secure.

You can reset your password by clicking ‘Forgot Password’

Login to your ZOYLU account

Click on Add Kids on the left

Enter all the details of your child

Click Next to proceed

Login to your Zoylu account

Click on Set Goals/Activity on the left menu bar

Click on Assign Task next to Set Goals

Select your child name and start assigning the tasks

You can link the task to the Set Goal or can select the tasks from the drop down menu too 

Click Assign once you have entered data in all required boxes

Parents can view on their dashboard or under each Kid’s account.

Kid's wallet get credited or debited depending on the nature of transaction. You can also see transaction details and reference number under transaction history.

Progress bar for Goals and Tasks show this separately on the Goals/Activity pages. There are many links to check this on the website besides notifications and summary reports.

Parents need to log-in using Kid's credentials. Under each Kid’s account select the date range to view all transactions.

Zoylu's pocket money management tools are for the sole purpose of Pocket Money Management which helps Kid's to udnerstand money and related learnings. Parents are advised to keep the reasonable amounts as Pocket Money. Purpose of ZOYLU is to teach them skills and not deposit funds in their accounts.

Under each Kid’s account select the date range to view all transactions. Kidscan spend their money to buy Amazon Vouchers (as of now). This allhappens under parent’s supervision and after their approval.

No FAQs Available!

Under counselling, we provide you direct contact with expert therapists and counsellors spread across India on range of issues related to Academic difficulties, Adjustment to college life, Alcohol/drug abuse and addictions, Depression, Diversity and cultural differences, Eating and body image concerns,Family difficulties, Grief and Loss, Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual and Transgender(LGBT) concerns, Recovering from Trauma, Relationship Problems, Self-Awareness/Self-Care, Stress and Anxiety, Student Concerns.

Parents, Kids and/or Individuals can avail counsellor or therapist services through this platform.

You need to be a resigstered member on Zoylu to avail or to access any services offered on ZOYLU.

You can sign-up using mobile number or Email id.

You can submit your Query under ‘Services’ on Home Page for ‘Parent Counseling’ (for Parents) and/or for ‘Child Counseling’ (for the Child) and we connect you with the right Therapist or Counsellors from across India.

Certainly, all the information and data shared with Zoylu experts is safe and will always be handled with utmost care.

Zoylu doesn’t charge from Parents or Kids for this service to connect to Counsellors or Therapists. However, Counseling charges are applicable and to be paid to respective Therapist/Counsellor as per their policy.

We encourage kids to think and submit business ideas for perusal. Parents can help kids to define the idea and articulate it in comprehensive way.

Our experts will review and assess viability of the idea. Team Zoylu will help incubate the idea if idea has merits at its own expense.

Idea generator will own the business. Proper agreements will be signed beforeidea is incubated.

You can check the status on the left menu bar on your Dashboard page after log-in by clicking ‘Business Ideas’.

Kids are encouraged to record and upload original videos. Parents can help them through the uploading process. 

We don't encourage Parents uploading videos on this platform. Even if they do, they will not be eligible for any rewards.

ZOYLU is a learning platform, so videos which are related to learning can be uploaded here. Our team will be reviewing just to ensure that no undesired or unwanted videos are available to Kids to watch. We have a strict policy in place for accepting videos and quality check. We reserve the right to accept or reject videos. We can take down any improper content which is irrelevant on this platform.

Videos which are relevant to Kids are allowed. There are different catgories under which videos can be recorded and uploaded:

  • Educational
  • Funny Videos
  • Short Movies
  • Travel Videos
  • Documentaries
  • Cooking, Singing, Dancing, painting etc.

We reward Kids for uploading original Videos. We pay for every accepted Video to Kid's Wallet (piggy Bank). They will also get a notification after videos are accepted and amount credited to their wallet.

  • As an institution, Zoylu can help you in building community and drive engagement with entire batch of Kids be it to a class or a section. It can also assist an institution to build community engagement, community conversation, group calendaring and parent awareness and engagement.
  • It is a single largest platform to connect with the next generation and shape their future.

Yes, we don’t ask for certificates. You need to validate only your email Id. We don’t allow undesired activities on our platform.

Institutions/Schools and Organizations can use Zoylu as a platform to engage with parents and centralize all communication and coordination at one place. Integrating with PTA, home groups and more, allows school to thrive as the anchor of the community.

Unfortunately, Institutes can’t access parents/kid’s data without permission ofParents/Kids. At Zoylu we believe in maintaining utmost privacy for customer’sinformation/data.