Your online pocket money manager

  • Zoylu takes the entire pocket money experience online eliminating need of manual tabulation or allocation of allowances.
  • Instant, anytime and anywhere access to you, just the way you want it.

Manage your pocket money…cashless

  • Zoylu makes it all cashless, so along with helping your parents, you are helping the economy too!
  • Track all allowances, pocket money, ecash gifts, rewards, earning and spends at one place.

Learn to earn, save and share money responsibly

  • Buying a new toy without bothering your mom is now made easy
  • A new fun way to learn importance of earning and saving money without any book.

Share your successes and achievements

  • Sharing and celebrating success stories was never so easy and convenient within your group and family members on single and secure platform.
  • Your very own social network for your school and residential society services.
kids earn money

kids earn money